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Italian Market Street Festival

If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, check out the Italian Market Street Festival on 9th Street this weekend. Rain or shine, the event is sure to draw large crowds and offer plenty of great food.

Home of the Fatty

  The PhoodAddict Worldwide Headquarters recently received a take out menu that intrigued the entire staff. Pizzi Pizza recently opened at 6th and Oregon. Most of the menu is pretty standard stuff — pizza, hoagies, cheesesteaks, etc…but the back cover declares Pizzi Pizza as Home of the Fatty and offers a variety of super-gluttonous sandwiches […]

Subpar Sandwiches

Tough day at the PhoodAddict.com headquarters. Pastificio is a beloved lunch option here, as you might have guessed from our earlier post naming it a top contender in the forthcoming Chicken Cutlet Battle. So it pains me to say that we had not one but two disappointing sandwiches today. The Chicken Cutlet Diablo featured fried […]

Devil’s Den Disgrace

Okay, maybe disgrace is a bit harsh. When Devil’s Den opened last year, I was excited to have a new pub with a great beer selection in the area. I went a few times, and while the food was nothing special for a place with gastropub aspirations, the beer selection made up for it. But […]

Battle Chicken coming soon

In honor of March Madness, PhoodAddict.com will soon be holding the Tournament of Chicken Champions. I’m still working on the exact ground rules and format, but I think the basics are going to go something like this: It must be a chicken cutlet sandwich. It must be within striking distance of South Philly, though I’m […]