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Philly Beer Week moving to June

Next year’s Philly Beer Week will be held on June 4 – 13, 2010. In its first two years, it had been held on the first weekend of March. Joe Sixpack opposed the move but outlines the reasons for the change on his site. The move makes sense — St. Patrick’s Day, the weather, competing […]

Devil’s Den Disgrace

Okay, maybe disgrace is a bit harsh. When Devil’s Den opened last year, I was excited to have a new pub with a great beer selection in the area. I went a few times, and while the food was nothing special for a place with gastropub aspirations, the beer selection made up for it. But […]

Lucky 13 Pub

After Morimoto, we met some friends at Lucky 13 Pub, located at 13th and Passyunk. To be honest, when we first walked in I was afraid it would be overrun with annoying hipsters but it was actually a pretty cool, laid back hole in the wall type bar. Pretty good beer selection (I had a […]

Philly Beer Week at Morimoto

Morimoto had a specially designed five course dinner tonight with Rogue Beer pairings featuring Morimoto signature beers and Rogue specialty beers. For my friends and me, it was the perfect excuse for a weeknight of drinking and extravagant dining. When we arrived at the restaurant, Chef Morimoto was near the hostess station, welcoming diners. We […]