Ela-vation: Queen Village Residents Ela-ted About New Cichonski Restaurant

I’ve decided that all of my posts are going to have Leslie Knope style headlines.

So I went to Ela on Saturday and it was fantastic! A few minor issues, but overall the food was awesome. Didn’t take any pictures, but Meal Ticket has a great spread if you want to see what the space and the dishes look like. The menu is a little confusing — it’s divided into First, Second, Third and Fourth bites. First and Second bites were appetizer sized portions and Thirds and Fourths larger. Our server recommended that we order three bites for a full meal. Honestly, portions were not that large, but everything was exquisite.

We started with the garlic pannacotta with shrimp, popcorn, asparagus, smoked roe and olive oil — delicious and unlike anything I’ve ever tried — and the hamachi, which was good but sadly did not include the horseradish granita I had heard about. For seconds, we had the crab banh cam and baby beets with brie, quince and cardamom. For thirds, we tried the duck breast over pretzel spaetzle and the scallop “noodles” — scallops somehow crafted into delicious noodle form. Again, delicious and unlike anything I’ve ever tried before. For dessert, we had hot chocolate chip cookie dough with vanilla semifreddo and banana and whipped pumpkin pie with pumpkin seed praline, candied ginger and figs, which both tasted as good as they sound.

Everything about the meal was great, though I did have a minor quibble: the dining area was loud and way too crowded. The space between our table and the next was so tight that our server’s ass was literally on our table every time he came by. I understand wanting to pack in as many diners as possible, but it was pretty uncomfortable at times.

So in conclusion, Ela: great food, too much waiter-ass in my face.

And I couldn’t find a clip of Leslie suggesting headlines to the reporter so I’ve included another random funny Parks and Rec clip:

A Very Special Live Chat with Phood Addict

Tonight we are testing out the GSnap plugin. All your base are belong to us.

Federal Donuts First Impressions

I┬áplanned on getting to Federal Donuts first thing this morning, but a surprise visit from the roofer who I’ve been trying to get to fix my roof since Hurricane Irene meant that I wouldn’t be able to make it until around 11:30am, well after the donuts were sold out. Chicken was available starting at 11am and sold out quickly as well, but Michael Solomonov, Felicia D’Ambrosio and the rest of the crew could not have been cooler, telling jokes about Mickey and Minnie Mouse, hippies and lifeguards, and giving out free samples of the honey donuts, chicken and some delicious Japanese pickles. I had a piece of the glazed chile-garlic chicken which was absolutely delicious — different from Boom Boom Chicken but just as good. I’m looking forward to trying all of the other varieties, especially the buttermilk ranch, and I’m going to have to make sure I get up early enough to get some of those fancy donuts!


Boom Boom Pow – I Got A Feeling That Tonight’s Gonna Be A Good Night For Fried Chicken

So I had dim sum in Fort Lee, NJ today — it was decent, not blog-post worthy on its own…but the Fort Lee area has a sizable Korean population. And given my recent obsession with trying Korean Fried Chicken and the extremely high level of anticipation for Federal Donuts, I knew I had to find a place for KFC. A quick Google search returned a place called Boom Boom Chicken just down the street from where I had dim sum — and it was so good I had to use not one but two Black Eyed Peas songs in the title of this post.

Despite being overly full from lunch (this blog is called PhoodAddict) I picked up a 16 piece order of “Wings, Arms and Drumsticks” (Arms being the tiny drumstick part of the wing) with half in the spicy, sweet sauce and half in the garlic soy sauce. They smelled so good I had to try one at a rest stop on the way home to Philly.

Even reheated later at night, the chicken was delicious — everything I had hoped Korean Fried Chicken would be, with a perfect crackly, crispy crust and just the right amount of heat in the sauce. I know I’ll be craving this in the future, and I hope the chile garlic fried chicken at Federal Donuts will do the trick.

Boom Boom Chicken

A quick review of Barcade

I was genuinely excited to go to Barcade but I must say it was disappointing, although I’m not sure exactly what I expected. The beer selection was good, but almost everything about the food was awful. First of all, you place your order at the bar and then have to keep checking back to see if it’s ready. Really? That seemed like an efficient way to do things?

After 30 minutes our food was finally ready , and it was all disappointing. The cheese and meat platter was a random assortment of cubed cheese, Rodele spread, soggy bread and slices of salty salami. The bacon and Nutella toast was good but skimpy with the Nutella — come on, spread it to the edges. I don’t even remember anything else we ordered. Portions were really small.

And to top it off, Double Dragon was broken. In fact, several games were broken, even though the place just opened a few days ago. Makes you wonder how well the machines are going to hold up.

So overall, Barcade was a disappointment. I’m pretty sure I won’t be going back.

BarcadeBacon and Nutella Toast