Friday Throwdown – Chicken Cutlet Italian

Whenever people from out of town ask me if the best cheesesteak is from Pat’s or Geno’s, I usually slap them in the face as hard as I can. Mainly because I like to slap people, but also because I believe that if you come to Philly the two sandwiches you must try are the Roast Pork and the Chicken Cutlet Italian — a delicious chicken cutlet pounded flat, breaded, fried and served with sharp provolone and either broccoli rabe or spinach.

Today’s Throwdown will be a Chicken Cutlet Italian Sandwich battle between several worthy competitors:

Also, don’t go to Pat’s and Geno’s, go to John’s Roast Pork if you want the best cheeseteak in the city. But first try their roast pork — you can skip the line of people waiting for the grill.