Fried Chicken Friday Throwdown

In honor of Friday the 13th, we will be having our first ever PhoodAddict Friday Throwdown. Basically, it’s just an excuse to eat lots of food and tweet/blog about it. Since my office is the sweetest office in the world, we are going to get fried chicken from three places and do a very detailed, scientific study and assign a numerical value to their respective places in the fried chicken universe. To be clear, all three of these places are awesome in my book. This is just to determine who is the awesomest. The three places are:

Federal Donuts - The most hyped fried chicken in all of Philadelphia, and deservedly so. We are going to go with Chile Garlic and/or Honey Ginger.

Sammy Chon’s KTown BBQ – They just opened a Chinatown location and feature wings in Honey Sesame and Soy Garlic.

Gas Station Chicken – There aren’t many places to eat right near my office. It’s pretty much crap from the Ambu-lunch (an old ambulance turned into a lunch truck) or fried chicken from the gas station. When we preparing to move into our office last spring, Gas Station Chicken was a regular meal. It was surprisingly fresh and tasty, and we ate so much it made us sick and damaged our self esteem, which is the hallmark of many good foods.


Is this really fair? All three places are pretty different? I know, this is not really an apples to apples competition. And to be clear, you won’t go wrong getting chicken from any of these places. But come on, you’re reading a blog called PhoodAddict, did you really expect sound journalism or science?

I thought you said it would be very detailed, scientific study? I was being sarcastic, idiot. But there will be a survey, courtesy of the good folks at Survey Monkey. My office will complete the survey first, then I will open it up to my massive audience (Google Analytics says I had 3 absolute unique visitors yesterday!)

You should have included <name of fried chicken place> in the contest! We can only eat so much chicken, but if you have suggestions, tweet at me, son. Resurrection Ale House’s chicken is great, but they unfortunately don’t do takeout. Also, I’m not ashamed to say I enjoy Popeye’s, but one time I went to the one on Broad Street and a lady who was missing an eye was hanging out by the entrance. And she didn’t have an eye patch, it was just an open socket. I swear this is true. I am a fat guy who has a blog called “PhoodAddict” so I got chicken anyway, but it was still pretty disturbing.

Don’t you have a job? Don’t you do any work at your job?  Yes,  I have a job and everyone in my office works really hard. We also all really enjoy food, which is why group eating events like the Pizza Olympics and Wing Eating Contests (I ate 25 and finished second to last in my office) are a regular occurence.