Monthly Archives: March 2009

Lenten Lunch Battle – Fast Food Fish

For some, lunch during Lent can be difficult since meat must be avoided. With that in mind, we are pleased to present the first ever battle — fast food fish edition. Today’s competitors are: 1. McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish: This sandwich was actually introduced in 1962 because of declining Friday sales during the Lenten season. It […]

Subpar Sandwiches

Tough day at the headquarters. Pastificio is a beloved lunch option here, as you might have guessed from our earlier post naming it a top contender in the forthcoming Chicken Cutlet Battle. So it pains me to say that we had not one but two disappointing sandwiches today. The Chicken Cutlet Diablo featured fried […]

Mac N Cheese at Lucky 13 Pub

II recently had the chance to get back to Lucky 13 Pub and try their Macaroni and Cheese. It was “all hooked up” with gouda and Locatelli (which I had to look up — it’s a famous brand of pecorino romano cheese) and topped with herbed bread crumbs. There was a hint of peppery spiciness […]

Devil’s Den Disgrace

Okay, maybe disgrace is a bit harsh. When Devil’s Den opened last year, I was excited to have a new pub with a great beer selection in the area. I went a few times, and while the food was nothing special for a place with gastropub aspirations, the beer selection made up for it. But […]

Once you go Black N Brew…

Now here is a great breakfast option! Passyunk Ave. has had a revitalization of sorts over the past few years. Sure, the area still has it’s share of wife beater-wearing, unemployed 40 year old dudes who still live with their parents and litter on their own property, but it also has some great restaurants! One […]